Jobs and Careers at Baker Hughes
Job Title Location Date
CompradorMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil04/23/2014
Tecnico de Servicos IIMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil04/16/2014
Operador de Equipamentos IMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil04/15/2014
MecanicoMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil04/11/2014
Operador IMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil04/10/2014
Supervisor de Servicos TraineeMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil04/04/2014
Especialista Administrativo IIMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil04/02/2014
Técnico de Manutenção IMacae, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil03/26/2014
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"Working in different places, meeting people from different backgrounds, and adapting to different work cultures are certainly challenging tasks. You need to have mental strength and a positive attitude. My Baker Hughes experience has changed the way I see the world, and I can now better appreciate different perspectives."

– Ernie Nur Azera bt Zharani,
Field Engineer

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